Treasury proposes Sh302.3 billion for 47 counties


The National Treasury has proposed that county governments share Sh302.2 billion in the next financial year, an increase from the Sh294 billion allocated in the 2015-2016 financial year. According to a bill tabled in the Senate yesterday by the Vice Chairman of the Finance Committee, Peter Mositet (Kajiado), National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich proposes that Sh302,198,516,719 of the Sh1.4 trillion budget be allocated for sharing among the 47 counties.

The figure represents a 32 per cent of the Sh935.7 billion audited revenue of the 2013-2014 financial years. The Treasury proposes that the counties be granted Sh280.3 billion in equitable share, but other additional allocation pushes the figures up. Among other allocations given to counties include Sh4,121,029,353 that will go towards free maternal health care as directed by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee administration, Sh4.5 billion for leasing of medical equipment, Sh4 billion for Level Five hospitals and Sh4,306,807,629 as allocation from the Fuel Levy Fund.

The counties will also enjoy conditional allocations and grants totaling Sh3,870,679,737 and Sh200 million for special purpose grants supporting access to emergency medical services. Mr. Rotich said that the additional conditional allocations, mainly to deal with health issues, are geared towards supporting specific national policy objectives which are expected to be implemented by county governments. “The grant of Sh4.1 billion for free maternal health care is to be transferred to county governments on a reimbursement basis through the respective County Revenue Fund accounts upon confirmation that the county government provided maternal health care services in their health facilities in accordance with agreed specifications,” says Rotich in the bill.

Such a bill is first tabled in the National Assembly for debate before it is taken to the Senate for concurrence. A similar bill for sharing of revenue in the current financial year was the cause of a major dispute between the National Assembly and the Senate, resulting in the former denying senators Sh1 billion meant for their oversight duties in the counties.

Source: Standard Media


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