Budget: How Sh2.51tr National cake will be shared


On 3rd March 2016, The National Assembly passed the 2016/17 Budget Policy Statement, which had been adopted and presented to the House by the Liaison Committee. Earlier in the week, the Committee had requested the National Treasury to factor in reallocation of funds within the budget ceiling of various ministries and State agencies and also asked for an additional Sh143.1 billion to be allocated to fund various programmes. But Treasury Permanent Secretary Dr Kamau Thugge turned down the request, informing the committee that any additional allocation would lead to a financing gap because the total expenditure will exceed the available resources.
The available resource for the 2016/17 budget is Sh2.51 trillion. This includes the total revenues of Sh1.496 trillion, including Sh116.2 billion Appropriation-in-Aid (AIA), net domestic borrowing of Sh184.8 billion and a net foreign financing of Sh370.5 billion. The grants and loans will also net Sh59.8 billion and Sh310.7 billion respectively. Out of this cash—Sh1.094 trillion—will cater for recurrent expenditure, Sh672.6 billion will go to development expenditure while Sh284.8 billion will be transferred to county governments.

Among the top vote heads that received most funds for expenditure include the national interest programmes which received Sh71.95 billion. The money will go towards enhancing national security (Sh18.9 billion), national irrigation and fertilizer clearance (Sh9.5 billion), youth empowerment (Sh11.62 billion), national social safety net (Sh14.35 billion) and the schools digital literacy programme (Sh17.58 billion).

The Treasury has allocated Sh433.8 billion for the payment of the public debt and Sh363.16 billion for national obligation vote heads.

Source: Treasury’s 2016/17 budget policy statement


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