Land Ministry may limit officers’ tenure at stations

 Land’s Cabinet secretary Prof Jacob Kaimenyi has said the Ministry will limit the tenure of land officers at a given station so as to promote efficiency in resolving land issues. The Minister said that title processing takes too long, with many landowners being told that their title deeds cannot be traced. This, he said, is code for “I want a bribe”.

He added that the Ministry will come up with stronger policies and systems to rotate workers from one station to another. He argued that there cannot be an officer serving in one county for more than 10 years because some of them were becoming impossible. He said these during his three-day tour of Meru and Tharaka-Nithi counties, where he issued title deeds.

He further observed that a majority of processed title deeds remain uncollected and accused some politicians of spreading lies regarding the legality of the documents to gain political mileage; others remain uncollected because of family conflicts. He asked landowners to ignore the lies discrediting his Ministry.

Additionally, the CS did not rule out deep-rooted graft in his ministry, saying he was aware of corrupt networks who fanned fictitious land transactions that often saw genuine landowners mysteriously lose their title deeds and other key documents.

Source: Nation



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