Nairobi County Government orders all Clubs,Churches to be fitted with noise meters


The Nairobi County Government has announced a new strategy aimed at reducing excess noise from churches and clubs in the city.

The County has ordered all churches and clubs in the Capital to be fitted with “noise meters” so as to measure the noise they produce within the city.

County Environment Executive member, Engineer Peter Kimori, said the move will target clubs and churches next to residential areas.

“The churches in the city and residential places will have to buy their own noise dosimeters to detect on when they are making noise. We will be doing a crackdown,”said Engineer Kimori.

Kimori stated that those who fail to comply will be arrested.

He also confirmed that the county will buy 15 noise meters at the cost of Sh10 Million to be distributed to all sub-counties.

“These machines are very expensive because we have to prove to the courts that those arrested did exceed the noise levels,” Kimori said.

He was speaking at a round table meeting between representatives of Business Membership Organizations and the County Executive Committee Members.


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