Sh50,000 fine proposed for Nairobi residents who fail to use zebra crossing



Failing to observe traffic lights and zebra crossings will cost Nairobi residents a fine of up to Sh50, 000 if a proposed law at the county assembly is passed. The Bill titled Nairobi City County Public Nuisance Bill 2016 also places the same penalty on matatu touts soliciting for passengers on the streets.

The Bill seeks to tackle common nuisances, including noise and garbage dumping on the streets.

“Any person who, on any street fails to observe traffic lights or the zebra crossing or any other public directional signs, commits an offence,” the Bill sponsored by Viwandani MCA Samuel Nyangwara says.

 The Bill, if passed, would place a high premium on jumping lights by motorists who will risk being hauled to City Hall court. The proposed will also cover littering offences for banana skins and orange peels, among others.

 The proposal by-law also allows county officers to compel Nairobi residents to keep their premises free of “offensive and unwholesome matter.”  It, however, does not define what is considered unwholesome or offensive.

 The officer will serve a notice to the owner of the house or the person living in the premises to remove the material. Failure to comply will be considered an offence that could attract a fine of up to Sh50, 000.

“The objective of this Act is to provide for the control of public nuisances, including waste and disease-causing pests; and in order to ensure a clean and healthy environment,” the Bill reads.

Download the Bill below->

Source: Business daily->






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